Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Things

It is here, the election we have been waiting for the last year or so. The painful republican debates, the economy, the party conventions, and all those ADS, ADS, ADS. Thank God we do not have to listen to anymore ads. We really should have a 60 day election campaign and that is it. Too much money, too much hot politician air (probably a cause of global warming). Come to think of it, Sandy was created in this crazy election cycle what with all the blowhards bloviating about this and that. I voted against Mitt and Paul because they will take the country back to the 19th century. Having them in will send us into Third World status by mid-term. Obama has not impressed me either.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things Married

Marriage is a funny thing. You work towards this goal of getting married. Time, energy, money, and psychic energy. When it is over you feel very exhausted and you are left with life. Life is good when you share it with someone you love. It becomes not so much easier because life isn't easy but bearable. You get a bit more resilience to face all the crap. Now we are getting ready to look at houses to find ourselves a home. A home which we will share our hopes, dreams, and fun.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding Day 26 May 2012

We had a great wedding day. A Celtic wedding with temperature and moisture like the Highlands. We were married at St. John in the Wilderness in White Bear Lake, Minnesota on 26 May 2012 @ 2PM.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things The Balvenie

I went to a delightful little tasting last night with three comrades, Phil, Michael, and Brent. We tasted Balvenie 12 year, Balvenie 15 year single barrel, Balvenie Doublewood 12 year, and the Balvenie Portwood 21 year. Lovely drams and some pretty tasty hors d'ouvres. I can safely say, a good time was had by all.

Things Pre-Wedding

Pre-wedding things to do and there is a big list but between the two of us we are chipping away at it. Most important thing to do is to get the marriage license and in Ramsey County, unlike Hennepin you have only one place. The Department of Health building on 555 Cedar Street. After you apply, you wait five days before the actual license arrives. We are cutting it a bit close. We have dining ware, beer, pop, flowers, some food, and a plan for the other food. We are praying for good weather and good humours. We want no crabbiness or bummers. Our pre-marital counseling is finished and it was really good having it with Rev. Joanie.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Things Post-Easter

The invitations are out, almost. The flowers ordered. The rings are here. Laurel's outfit is all set. Pearls are being strung. Food being planned. Wedding program being created. Music is set, I think. Mead is bottled and maturing. Beer is ordered. We need to find a house/home to live in.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Things Easter

My second Holy week and Easter celebration with Laurel and it is good. Attended Good Friday services and will attend Easter Vigil on Saturday, and Easter services on Sunday. This weekend we will probably be sending out wedding invitations and just hanging.

I spent Maundy Thursday hosting a Scotch tasting at Merlin's Rest. We tasted the Isle of Arran 10 year, Scapa 16 year, Talisker 18 year, and the Island of Jura Prophecy . WE have two more tastings and I wonder what we should do?